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Latch by Natalie Taylor (Disclosure Feat. Sam Smith Cover)

Oh my God! Natalie Taylor, you’re too awesome! Okay, here’s the story. Yesterday, I accidentally found this cover song through Spotify and I think this is the best cover version of Latch that I ever heard so far. I falling in love with this cover song since the first keyboard tunes as an intro and I falling deeper when its combined with piano tunes and drum sound. Plus, Natalie Taylor’s beautiful voice perfectly fit with the melodies. I’m totally hypnotized by the musical arrangement of this Latch version. Wow.. definitely wow.

For you who followed the Beauty and The Beast series maybe you already heard this awesome cover song before as one of the series final soundtrack. And yes, this cover song already mesmerizing me. If you haven’t heard this cover song before, I think you have to listen immediately by press the play button below. And also, don’t forget to share your thoughts or opinion about this song in our music blog.  Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.


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Playlist: National Best Friends Day

On June 8th 2017, people celebrated National Best Friends Day. Maybe we are not celebrate this kind of occasion in my country, but let me tell you about my best friend. Maybe for you who followed this music blog already know that she is my blog partner. You can found and read her music articles in this blog too. She always recommend a great music for your ears. Not just blog partner, she is also my work partner, gig partner, travel partner, movies freak partner, “fansgirling” partner, and also consultant and life discuss partner. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years of our friendship that we spent for talking, sharing, joking, traveling, singing, gave a challenge to each other, and well sometimes we have a fair shares of arguments. But, we never become a best friend without arguing, right? She also always be patience towards my uncertain bad mood, always makes me laugh so hard, gave me a positive vibes, and push me to be a better person. So, thank you so much Nyah for everything, for your time that you spent for me, for every teletubbies hugs, and for always texting me every single day which makes me never feel lonely anymore.

That’s why I’ve been thinking to make a playlist about friendship. I hope you enjoy this playlist. But hey, why don’t you try to tell me about your best friend too. You can tell your stories by give us a comment in this blog. Can’t wait to hear your story. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica. 🙂



Heaven I Know, Gordi’s Beautiful and Powerful New Single Just Released

Oh my God! For all Gordi’s fans, you must be feel so overwhelm when you hear this news. Yes! Gordi finally released her brand new single called Heaven I Know. This song actually already released since June 12th 2017, but how can I not know about this before. So sorry for the late news. 😦

Honestly, I’m so speechless and I think I almost cry when the first time I hear Heaven I Know. I don’t know how to describe about how awesome this song, but this is so beautiful. Gordi definitely a musical genius. The combination from all elements in this song makes everything so perfect to hear. From the repeated whispered rhythm at the beginning then Gordi’s beautiful voice with piano chords and a simple bytes, the electronic sounds, trumpet, the looping, and the sound layers at the end of the song. The lyrics also makes me speechless. Somehow, the way Gordi sing this song makes people understand how she feels towards the lyrics in this song.

I just read about the review of Heaven I Know in Atwood Magazine website. This article is so touching, beautiful, and makes me more understand about this song. The writer wrote about Heaven I Know is as much about dealing with loss as it is about growing older and accepting adulthood’s compromises and the challenges you can’t win. Gordi also said, “With a friendship, you almost throw more at it than you would a romantic partner, because when a friendship breaks it’s so much more heart-breaking”.

Yes, it is something different when you have to lose someone who really important for you, who really understand you more than you do, who made you a better person, or someone who already become your own sanctuary. That kind of relationship has more powerful connections than romantic relationship, but one thing that we can not prevent is time. As the time goes by, as we grow older, we will face so many things that might prevent us to have direct communication with our closest friend. Maybe they got a boyfriend, got engaged, get married, move to another place, have a children, got a new job, and suddenly you lose them because you are no longer their priority. Somehow, I know we can’t prevent all the adulthood things because everybody grows up someday, but I’m sure no one wants to lose their closest friend. That is the struggle that we have to face in the future when we’re adult. But I wish I can keep my closest friend forever and always make them as my priority. Good luck to all of you out there who fight for your closest one because you know it is worthy to fight for. Heaven I Know That We Tried, right? 🙂

Oh my! I think I already talk to much. But, I can’t wait to hear Gordi’s debut album Reservoir which will released in August 25th 2017. So excited! For now, why don’t you try to hear Gordi’s beautiful and powerful new song, Heaven I Know. Just press the Spotify button below and share your thoughts and opinion towards this song. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visited Kustosica.


Throw Back Thursday

At Your Side by The Corrs

We’re back! But first, we are so sorry for our absence in Throwback Thursday category for the last two months I think. But now, I’m so ready to take you to the 90’s and early 2000’s music era and remind you a little bit about your favorite music when you grow up.

This time I’m gonna take you to the year of 2000 and for the second time, I choose my all time favorite band from Ireland, The Corrs. Yes, even after 12 years since the first time I heard their music, I’m still falling in love with this band. And Andrea’s voice is still the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

For our Throwback Thursday this week, I choose one of my favorite song from The Corrs, At Your Side. This song was appear in The Corrs Unplugged album (1999) and In Blue (2000). At Your Side becomes my favorite one because the lyrics is so beautiful and the melodies also so wonderful. You can sing this song to your beloved ones, best friend and family.

Okay, I think I already talk too much, but let me remind you a little bit about this song. So, just press the play button below and share your thoughts and your favorite 90’s or 2000’s music in our blog. Enjoy the music and thank you for visiting Kustosica.



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Issues by Julia Michaels

Well, I have to admit that Shannon Beveridge’s playlist in Spotify already become my reference to find so many great songs lately. Maybe just in case you’re curious about her playlist, you can try to find in her Spotify account. She usually made a monthly playlist contain with many great songs to hear.

Okay, one song that always stuck in my mind lately is Issues from Julia Michaels. Issues is a down tempo love songs with irresistible melodies from strings instrument and electronic drum. The sound of snapping fingers also makes this song more interesting. Plus, Julia Michaels’ beautiful and smooth voice definitely wow. She collaborate with Benny Blanco, Justin Tranter, Tor Hermanson, and Mikkel Erikson to produce this song.

Maybe some of you never heard about Julia Michaels before. But, do you know she’s the person behind so many hit songs like Sorry (Justin Bieber), Dive (Ed Sheeran), and couple songs from Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, and Rita Ora? Yupp, Julia Michaels is the songwriter of those song. She usually collaborate with other songwriters like Justin Tranter, Kate Nash, and other musicians.

Well, if you haven’t heard about her music yet, I think you have to listen this song. Come on press the play button below and let us know your opinion about this song. Enjoy the music folks and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.


Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs & Festivals In June 2017

Hi folks! Can’t believe it’s June already. Do you have a plan to attend a gig or music festival this June? If you haven’t found one, we have a list of singer and band who will held their gigs this June around Asia and Australia. So, here’s the list:

8th June 2017

Laura Marling – The Triffid, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

10th June 2017

Sheppard – The Croxton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Laura Marling – Main Room, The Gov, Hindmarsh, SA, Australia

11th June 2017

Sheppard – Metro Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Laura Marling – Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

12th June 2017

Laura Marling – Vivid Live Festival, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

24th June 2017

Phebe Starr – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

30th June 2017

Phebe Starr – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

So, what are you waiting for? Go get and secure your ticket right now. You can booked your ticket through or others website. Thank you and have fun folks!


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Secrets by Mary Lambert

Once again, thanks to Shannon Beveridge who already made me discover this great song. Well, maybe I was too late to know about Mary Lambert, but I admit this song is really catchy. Secrets actually was released since August 2014. Lambert collaborate with one of my favorite songwriter, Mozella, and producer, Eric Rosse and Benny Cassete, to produce this song.

Secrets is a pop song with a little bit elements of hip hop. I totally love the melodies and the tunes of piano in this song. It is so catchy, singable, and dance-able. Somehow, Secrets is a great song to sing with your friends while you’re driving or having a road trip. This song already become my morning jam for the last two weeks. Definitely so good, so entertained, and can boost your mood in the morning. Secrets also has a great and powerful lyrics about the Mary Lambert’s confession for every problem that she already went through.

Okay, somehow, I’m quite sure so many of you already listened to this song since long time ago. *I know I’m so late. But, let me remind you a little bit about how entertained this song. So, just press the play button below and get ready to sing this out loud with a little bit dance. Enjoy the music and thank you for already visiting Kustosica.