All Saints’s will Come Back With Their New Album, Red Flag, on April 2016!!

For all All Saints’s fans who already wait for almost a decade – well, including me – surely can’t stop smiling widely until now. Yes! My favorite nineties girls group are back and will release their new album, Red Flag, on 8th April 2016. Their first single from this album called One Strike was already released in 26th February 2016. This song was written by one of the group member, Shaznay Lewis, based on what happened with her group mate, Nicole Appleton when she divorced with Oasis’s vocalist, Liam Gallagher. When the first time I heard this song, I totally love it. Love the beat and always love their voice. Although it’s been a long time, but I knew they never lost their creativity to make such a great music.


For you who never heard about this girls group, All Saints was formed in London in 1993. At first, they are known as All Saints with Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt, and Simone Rainford as the members. But then, Rainford left the group and in 1995, sisters Natalie and Nicole Appleton joined the group. Since then, All Saints become one of the most popular groups in 1990’s beside Spice Girls. Their debut album called All Saints was released in 1997 and got a huge success in UK music chart. This album was followed by other success album, Saints and Sinners (2000) . Their single called Pure Shores was used as a soundtrack for one of Leo’s movie, The Beach. After this album, they are controversially split and reformed in 2006 with their third album Studio1. And now, they are back with their new single and album. Yes..! Can’t wait to listen their new album and I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.

Here is the music video of their single One Strike from the upcoming album, Red Flag. Enjoy..!



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