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9 Things You Should Know About Record Store Day

For a fan of physical album, I bet Record Store Day is one of the ‘holy’ days for you. According to the Record Store Day website, this annual event will be held again in the next of 20 days. But, if you haven’t heard about Record Store Day, here’s some fun facts about Record Store Day

9 Things You Should Know About Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2016

  1. Record Store Day is a dedicated day to celebrate the love of buying physical albums and keeping the culture of the independently owned record store alive. This celebration founded in 2007 and always held on the third Saturday of April which is why this year Record Store Day will be held in April 16.
  2. RSD founded by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave, and Brian Poehner in Baltimore, USA.
  3. Although we only celebrate RSD in one day, the RSD organization keeps the official website alive. They also provides promotions, marketing, even contests to support independent stores.
  4. On this special day, the participant stores usually will hold festivities, like meet & greets with artist and performances.
  5. What makes RSD more special is the special limited cd and vinyl release from musicians who participated in RSD. Also, this limited collections are only distributed to shops participating in the event.
  6. The celebration of RSD began to grow internationally, including in the UK, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, since 2009.
  7. Since 2010 there’s an official ambassador of RSD to spread the news of how important the stores to musicians. For 2016, Metallica is the official ambassador.
  8. In Indonesia, RSD began to be celebrated since 2010. The celebrations isn’t only held in Jakarta, but also in the other cities, like Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, Solo, Palu, Samarinda, and Makassar.
  9. Although the main purpose of RSD is to help people buying physical albums and keep independent stores alive, this event gathers some critics. One of the critics is about the effect of limited releases that being re-sold, mostly online, just hours after the event end with inflated prices.

Apart from the critics, RSD is still one of the efficient way to help both musicians and music lover to gather around and talking about music, more than just selling and buying music. Here’s one good quote from Nick Hornby that I think could describe the role of RSD.
“Yes, yes, I know. It’s easier to download music, and probably cheaper. But what’s playing on your favourite download store when you walk into it? Nothing, that’s what. Who are you going to meet in there? Nobody. Where are the notice boards offering flatshares and vacant slots in bands destined for superstardom? Who’s going to tell you to stop listening to that and start listening to this? Go ahead and save yourself a couple of quid. The saving will cost you a career, a set of cool friends, musical taste and, eventually, your soul. Record stores can’t save your life. But they can give you a better one.”



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