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Seeing Stars by BØRNS

My question until now is… why BØRNS didn’t put Seeing Stars in his debut album, Dopamine? Because I’ve been listening to this song for about 8 months. Some love songs could sounds cheesy, but Seeing Stars describing the beauty of falling in love in a humble and sweet way. Take a look this lyrics

First sight she made me look twice, cause I never seen someone walk as light as the wind blows

I caught up to try and get your name, quickly wrote a love letter turned it into and airplane

You looked up and that was enough cause you let out other butterflies that couldn’t be contained

I can go on and on talking about the lyrics, like the man in this song represent common people who fall in love and normally burdened by worries that their love won’t reciprocate,

Some dreams never do come true
Some love doesn’t hit the target
I’ve been wishing about you
Darling I’ve been wishing my hardest

but I’m afraid I’ll make you bored 😉 So, kindly check this music video of BØRNS live performing Seeing Stars. Enjoy!



Broods’ New Album, Conscious, Will Be Out On June 24th!

Again, exciting stuffs came from Broods this morning. Maybe we still remember, couple of weeks ago, Broods just released their new single, Free–you can take a listen here. Today, they announced that their new album, called Conscious, will be out on June 24th!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Conscious, Broods’ New Album, OUT ON JUNE 24!

Broods Announce New Album Conscious

Broods announced their new album, called Conscious, will be out June 24

They also sharing their tour dates on their Twitter account. The closest place for you, Indonesian fellow, to watch their gig is in Australia. Here’s the detail:

Broods Conscious Tour Australia

Hopefully they will also coming back to Jakarta on their Conscious tour. But, for now, all we can do is enjoying their new single, Free, until they release their new album on June 24th 🙂



In Our Humble Opinion

Australia Indie Music Invasion in World Music Industry

As we know, United States and United Kingdom are the most popular and most dominant country in the music industry. Both country has a huge influence in the development of world music. These countries have produced so many great and successful musicians from various genres of music with album sales reached tens even hundreds of millions copies worldwide. US and UK musicians also dominate music charts in other countries around the world. Well, from US, who doesn’t know Michael Jackson? One of legendary musician in the world. From UK, who doesn’t know The Beatles? Totally one of legendary band in music history. Their songs still being cover by so many musicians and being play in so many places until now. Yupp, we can say, US and UK are the main center of world music industry.

Lately, I accidentally found so many good musics in Soundcloud. Well, most of them is indie band or duo. But, what makes me surprise is most of them are from Australia. Band or duo like Tigertown, Charles William, Lovers Electric, The Paper Kites, and Gordi already amazed me with their awesome music. Some of them already released their debut album or EP and some others recently released their debut singles which I think totally great and very pleasant to hear. I definitely sure you know about Vance Joy and Tame Impala, right? Yes, they are one of some well-known Australian musician who already success entered US and UK’s music market. I think we all know it is not an easy thing to do for every musician from outside US or UK.


I tried to browsing about world music industry and based on global music industry market, Australia ranked is 6th. Australia is still behind US, Japan, Germany, UK, and France, though Australia indie music industry is something that we always anticipated. Honestly, in my own country, it is hard to hear about their music although my country borders directly with Australia. Our radio usually play music which already has a high position in world music chart so I have to dig some music websites to discover their awesome music. Maybe I’m not a music producer or musician or expert music analyst or someone important in music industry, but from my humble opinion, Australia indie music have a great potential to be known worldwide. I’m sure there are more indie singer or band who still not being discover, but if we want to discover and dig a little bit, you will find a lot of music treasures in Australian music industry.

So, are you ready for Australia indie music invasion? What’s your favorite Australian musician so far? Tell us by give a comment below. Thank you. 🙂


Album Review

Album Review: Kicker by Zella Day

For a fan of Indiana, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, or Banks, you guys probably already heard who Zella Day is. But if you haven’t, well, I think you might want to check her music after reading this article.


Zella Day cover album Kicker

Zella Day is a singer and songwriter from Arizona, America. She released her album Kicker last June. But, since I just know her music last January and I have a weird impression toward her album—really like the tune, but couldn’t say the same to the lyrics—it’s not too late to talk about her album now, right? 🙂

Before releasing her debut studio album, Day released her EP, Zella Day, on October 2014. Her singles, like 1965, Sweet Ophelia, Hypnotic, East of Eden, and Compass, already stole attention and inviting a lot of anticipation before the LP was released. But, the opening of Kicker is a relative new song called Jerome. Actually, I didn’t really like the lyrics because it sound weak, but the tune is so addictive. So, though you realize that this woman is too bound down for love, you can’t help to sing along, especially the chorus part. This weird impression also pop up when I hear Hypnotic and Mustang Kids. Jerome then follow by High. Again, the lyrics feel like describing a fearless and careless woman. Maybe because I haven’t really in love or let myself feel that kind of love, for me, the lyrics are kind a too dramatic. And too bad, the melody isn’t as hooking as Jerome. So, this one isn’t my favorite, along with East of Eden.

But then, Ace of Heart, 1965, Shadow Preachers, Sweet Ophelia, and Compass totally got me. The tune are ear-catching. Almost impossible not to to like the melody. Day singing more wholeheartedly and it make you want to really listen. Good thing is the verses don’t sound way too much or cheesy at all. Not all the song in this album come with an upbeat percussion and fierce guitar, Day also perform a song with semi acoustic in Jameson, making Day’s voice become the main focus.

Some people say that Day’s music similar to Lana Del Rey. Probably it’s because their dark and addictive melody and… their lyrics tend to represent a young woman who fall in love to the wrong guy, usually the bad and dangerous one. You can find the pattern in Jerome, High, Hypnotic, Mustang Kids, and The Outlaw Josey Wales—the trumpet melody will make you want to tap your foot.

Aside from my ‘like but not really like’ effect of listening to this album, I believe Zella Day is one of the most anticipated musician. And I won’t be surprise if her music gain more recognition. For a teaser, you can click the playlist below 🙂


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Crying in Public by Chairlift

For me, listening to Crying in Public is like eating a slice of cake. I enjoy every minute of slowly ‘devouring’ it. The icing is Caroline Polachek’s voice in a wistful and high note. You know this cake is a sweet one, but in your mouth the taste isn’t too much, isn’t make you worry that you will have a diabetic. Just like the song. Yes, the girl is sad because of her unlucky love story, but Caroline present the emotion in this song without sounding way too much. It makes you able to sing a long without having to have a break down cause of your sadness. That is why I like this song and been listening since weeks ago. Now, why don’t you have a listen to the track below and share to us your opinion 😉



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Starts by Charles William

I accidentally found so many good musics in Soundcloud lately. One of them is Starts by Charles William. I falling in love with this song since the first time I heard it. I think it’s been two weeks in a row I’ve been listening to this song and it’s already become my morning jam. If you never heard about them before, Charles William is an indie electro-pop duo from New South Wales, Australia. Their last EP Life In Color was already released since October 2015. So, why don’t you try to listen their music and tell us what do you think. I think you’re gonna love it too. Enjoy..! 🙂



New Music From Oh Honey, Highasakite, and Tegan & Sara

Looking for some great music? Yes, I agree with my best friend, April totally a great month for finding some new musics. So many good musics and great albums has been released in this second week of April. It is really nice to see some duos or bands make their come back moment with a great music after years or even decades. So, do you want to know who has been released their new music and here we go..

Oh Honey – Healing

Okay, first news come from American indie folk-pop duo, Oh Honey. Yup, Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard has returned with their new single called Healing. Healing is the duo’s first release since their last EP Wish You Were Here in 2015 and has been confirmed as the first single from their next music project which expected to be release sometime this year. Healing was released on 8th April and it is a cheerful and uplifting song that makes you want to get up and dance. I just straight to like it when the first time I heard the song. And have you seen the music video for healing? It’s totally refreshing when they describe the song with a relationship between human and his dog rather than a couple. I definitely can’t wait for their next album. So, while we wait for their new album, try to listen and see their music video of Healing 🙂

Highasakite – Golden Ticket

Another new music come from Norwegian indie electro-pop band, Highasakite. After two years since their last album Silent Treatment (2014), they finally released a single called Golden Ticket for their upcoming album Camp Echo. This album expected to be release in 20th May 2016. Golden Ticket is an electro-upbeat and very catchy song that makes you wanna sing and dance. If you haven’t heard their single yet, what are you waiting for. You can listen it here and tell us what do you think 🙂

Tegan and Sara – Boyfriend

Another American pop-duo, Tegan and Sara, also released their new single called Boyfriend for their upcoming album, Love You To Death. This album is their eighth album and will be released on 3rd June 2016. The news about Tegan and Sara’s new album has been a huge topic in Twitter last night. Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Jack Antonoff, and everyone talked about it. So, if you haven’t heard their new single, you can listen it here and tell us what do you think 🙂


So, what do you think and what’s your favorite one so far? Tell us and share your music with us. Thank you and enjoy the music.



Playlist: Yellow Light

To all of you who want to spend a weekend at home, to just sit and sip a cup of tea, or lay back and read a book, or simply want to let your mind wandering around, here’s a slow down tempo playlist.  We are all a devoted worker at weekdays, but now, here comes a weekend, I believe we deserve to enjoy a slow living day; consider it as a yellow light moment before we hit the road again when the green light pop up. That is why I name this playlist Yellow Light. Anyway, here’s hoping you’ll enjoy this playlist 🙂



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Don’t Wait For Him by Side Saddle

Side Saddle is an indie-folk band from Astoria, New York, United States. Actually, I accidentally found them in Soundcloud a few weeks ago and their music totally got my ears. They already released two EPs, The Postcard EP (2014) and Young Professional EP (2015), and also one full album The Astorian (2014). Currently, the band is working for their second full length album and expected to be released on October 2016. So, while you wait for their second album, why don’t you try to listen one of their song called Don’t Wait For Him which is one of my favorite. Enjoy the music..! 😀



New Musics Coming From Kygo feat Kodaline, Broods, and Zealyn!

It seems like, April not only being the beginning of spring, but also the beginning of something exciting from music world. Last Friday, at least, there are three musicians who released their single. Some of you maybe already heard these new music, while some others haven’t got a chance to hear it. So, why don’t you guys check these new singles from… *drum roll*


Raging by Kygo Feat Kodaline

I have to admit that I’m usually not a fan of an electro-house music, but… try to listen to this single for once, please? Does the melody from the piano entrenched in your mind, like what happen to mine?


Free by Broods

Broods has been teasing us for days, telling that there will be a new music coming on April 1st. At first, we’re a little bit worry that this will be part of April Fools, but, no, they aren’t that mean. New single called Free greeted us last Friday. What do you think about it? I personally think, Broods getting more up beat and electro. And I’m not quite sure whether I like the new music better than their first album or not. Maybe I’ll just wait and see where the new single will bring their next music to. Meanwhile, have a listen to their new single and tell us what you guys thinking, okay?


Sleep On It by Zealyn

The other musician who drops new single on April 1st is Zealyn. Sleep On It sounds more up beat and dark from her other single, Talk: Listen, for me. And it makes me wants to do a slow dance. Does Sleep On It has the same effect to you too?

I think we cannot wait to hear where all these new single will lead us to. How about you guys? Come on tell us what you’ve been listening to! 🙂