New Musics Coming From Kygo feat Kodaline, Broods, and Zealyn!

It seems like, April not only being the beginning of spring, but also the beginning of something exciting from music world. Last Friday, at least, there are three musicians who released their single. Some of you maybe already heard these new music, while some others haven’t got a chance to hear it. So, why don’t you guys check these new singles from… *drum roll*


Raging by Kygo Feat Kodaline

I have to admit that I’m usually not a fan of an electro-house music, but… try to listen to this single for once, please? Does the melody from the piano entrenched in your mind, like what happen to mine?


Free by Broods

Broods has been teasing us for days, telling that there will be a new music coming on April 1st. At first, we’re a little bit worry that this will be part of April Fools, but, no, they aren’t that mean. New single called Free greeted us last Friday. What do you think about it? I personally think, Broods getting more up beat and electro. And I’m not quite sure whether I like the new music better than their first album or not. Maybe I’ll just wait and see where the new single will bring their next music to. Meanwhile, have a listen to their new single and tell us what you guys thinking, okay?


Sleep On It by Zealyn

The other musician who drops new single on April 1st is Zealyn. Sleep On It sounds more up beat and dark from her other single, Talk: Listen, for me. And it makes me wants to do a slow dance. Does Sleep On It has the same effect to you too?

I think we cannot wait to hear where all these new single will lead us to. How about you guys? Come on tell us what you’ve been listening to! 🙂



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