Album Review

Album Review: Kicker by Zella Day

For a fan of Indiana, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, or Banks, you guys probably already heard who Zella Day is. But if you haven’t, well, I think you might want to check her music after reading this article.


Zella Day cover album Kicker

Zella Day is a singer and songwriter from Arizona, America. She released her album Kicker last June. But, since I just know her music last January and I have a weird impression toward her album—really like the tune, but couldn’t say the same to the lyrics—it’s not too late to talk about her album now, right? 🙂

Before releasing her debut studio album, Day released her EP, Zella Day, on October 2014. Her singles, like 1965, Sweet Ophelia, Hypnotic, East of Eden, and Compass, already stole attention and inviting a lot of anticipation before the LP was released. But, the opening of Kicker is a relative new song called Jerome. Actually, I didn’t really like the lyrics because it sound weak, but the tune is so addictive. So, though you realize that this woman is too bound down for love, you can’t help to sing along, especially the chorus part. This weird impression also pop up when I hear Hypnotic and Mustang Kids. Jerome then follow by High. Again, the lyrics feel like describing a fearless and careless woman. Maybe because I haven’t really in love or let myself feel that kind of love, for me, the lyrics are kind a too dramatic. And too bad, the melody isn’t as hooking as Jerome. So, this one isn’t my favorite, along with East of Eden.

But then, Ace of Heart, 1965, Shadow Preachers, Sweet Ophelia, and Compass totally got me. The tune are ear-catching. Almost impossible not to to like the melody. Day singing more wholeheartedly and it make you want to really listen. Good thing is the verses don’t sound way too much or cheesy at all. Not all the song in this album come with an upbeat percussion and fierce guitar, Day also perform a song with semi acoustic in Jameson, making Day’s voice become the main focus.

Some people say that Day’s music similar to Lana Del Rey. Probably it’s because their dark and addictive melody and… their lyrics tend to represent a young woman who fall in love to the wrong guy, usually the bad and dangerous one. You can find the pattern in Jerome, High, Hypnotic, Mustang Kids, and The Outlaw Josey Wales—the trumpet melody will make you want to tap your foot.

Aside from my ‘like but not really like’ effect of listening to this album, I believe Zella Day is one of the most anticipated musician. And I won’t be surprise if her music gain more recognition. For a teaser, you can click the playlist below 🙂



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