New Music From Ingrid Michaelson, Ash Koley, Zealyn, and Gordi

April is definitely an awesome month. Yes, again and again, so many awesome musicians just released their brand new single in the last week of April. I’m getting so excited knowing what will happen in the next few months. I think there will be some great albums are going to be released. So, are you excited as I am? Let’s see which musician who can win your ears with their new single.

Ingrid Michaelson

Hell No..?! No.. Hell Yes!!! Finally, one of my favorite American singer-songwriter, Ingrid Michaelson, has returned with her brand new single called Hell No. This single was released in April 29th 2016 with music video made entirely on Snapchat by Michaelson herself. Michaelson also written this single and collaborate with Barry Dean and Luke Laird. I totally LOVE this song since the first time I heard it. Hell No is a cheerful and very catchy song although it’s a kind of general ode to breakups. But, once again, Michaelson never lost his touch to make a great music and makes everyone sing along with her whenever you listen to this song. Is it a sign for her next album will come very soon? Well, it’s been two years since her last awesome album Lights Out which sold 37.000 copies in its first week was released in 2014. Definitely can’t wait to hear her new album. So, while we wait, why don’t you try to listen her new single called Hell No. Well, I’m so sure you will say Hell Yes! to this song. Enjoy the music! 🙂

Ash Koley

Well.. well.. It looks like there’s another musician already made their come back moment with their great new single after years. Yes, Canadian alternative pop band, Ash Koley, just unveiled their brand new song called Dangerous Words in April 29th 2016. Dangerous Words is an upbeat and very catchy song. Definitely something that really worth to be heard. We can’t hardly wait to hear Ash Koley’s new album. So, if you haven’t heard their new single, you can listen it here and tell us what do you think. Enjoy! 🙂


Another new music also come from American singer-songwriter, Zealyn. After released two singles Talk: Listen and Sleep On It, Zealyn a.k.a Angie Miller just released her brand new single called Limbic System featuring JMR. Speaking on the track, Zealyn says:

“When I researched exactly what the Limbic System was, the portion of our brain that controls our emotions, I was fascinated by how there is a part of my body that I never knew existed and that I can’t live without. In this song, the Limbic System is a metaphor for the thing in our life that we can’t live without, and that gives us purpose.”

The fact is this song already influence my limbic system to feel so happy, thrilled, and calm when I listened to this song. The vocal assist from JMR also give me chills and make the whole song so beautiful. I think you have to try to listen her new single too and tell us how this song influence your limbic system. And don’t forget, Zealyn’s forthcoming debut album is predict to be released on June 2016. Now, enjoy the song!


Last but not least, we have news from the most anticipated singer from Australia, Gordi. Yupp, Gordi a.k.a Sophie Payten is back with her new single called Wanting for her upcoming EP Clever Disguise. This song was released after her debut single Can We Work It Out which already released weeks before. But for now, this song only can be heard for those who lived in Australia and New Zealand. It makes me feel so envy actually. But, I already heard the sneak peek from Triple J’s website and it sounds so great. Once again, Gordi definitely win our hearts and our ears. There’s something just so right about Wanting that makes me want to play this song again and again. The combination between Gordi’s vocals, sound of guitar, awesome rhythm, and great chorus makes me so thrilled about this song. Definitely something that really worth to be heard. I hope this song will be released worldwide very soon. Gordi’s upcoming EP Clever Disguise will released in May 13th 2016. While we wait for her EP, why don’t you try to listen Gordi’s interview in Triple J and heard the sneak peek for her new single called Wanting. Enjoy!

So, what’s your favorite new single so far? Tell us by give the comment below. Thank you so much and enjoy the music.



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