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You may or may be not already heard this catchy song with a witty lyrical, called Hide Away. If you already heard that song, maybe there’s a “click” voice in your head when you read the tittle, yes? But, if you haven’t, after reading this article you probably want to check her Spotify right away 🙂

Her? Yes, Daya–pronounced as Day-uh–is a stage name of Grace Martine Tandon, a female singer, songwriter, and record producer from Pennsylvania, USA. She just released her self-titled debut EP last September. There are six songs in the EP, which are ThirstyLegendaryU12Sit Still, Look PrettyHide Away, and Back To Me.


Now, if you ask me what makes me put Daya in our Most Anticipated musician for this month is, my answer will be because of her witty yet simple lyrics–she uses common brands, take a listen Thirsty, to create a metaphor–meet with up beat catchy tunes, typical electro-pop one. So, first of all, it will be hard to stop your self sing along with her when you heard her song. Second, Daya doesn’t jump into music world without arms. Her high pitch voice is quite different from others female singer, powerful and has her own signature. Besides, she’s also capable in playing music instruments, like piano, guitar, ukulele, even saxophone.

Though in her first EP, love become the main theme and, maybe because she’s 17 years old, older listener will consider her love song as a teenage love songs, I still think we have to listen to her EP thoroughly. Because what? Cause, I think every woman will agree with her song Sit Still, Look Pretty. It’s like an anthem to help us declare that though we need love, doesn’t mean we will be happily descend ourselves just to get a man or letting our dream fly away. And I bet Hide Away will get a nod from every woman. So, I think if  ThirstyLegendary, or U12 will quite surely win teenager’s heart, the rest of the songs, including Back To Me will win everyone. That is why I consider Daya as our Most Anticipated musician for this month.

Now, why don’t you guys check her music video for Hide Away and let me know what you guys thinking about her music 🙂



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