Currently Listening To

Swim by Fickle Friends

I accidentally found Fickle Friends in Soundcloud around a year ago. Their song called Play and Paris still got my ears until now. Recently, Ika (once again and seriously, if you need new music to hear, just ask her opinion!) introduced me to their new song Swim and once again, Fickle Friends totally got my attention. Swim become my morning jam and evening song when I’m on my way back home. This song has a catchy melodies that makes you want to move your body or at least stomp your feet. Yes, yes, Fickle Friends already made a great song to begin their come back moment and I can’t wait to hear their new album or EP. So, have you listen to their new song? You can listen it here and tell us what’s in your thoughts by give the comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music!




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