Album Review

Album Review: Hope by The Strumbellas

Well, I’m so sure most of you already know about The Strumbellas, right? Yes! This Canadian indie folk-rock band was formed in 2008 with six members: Simon Ward (vocals & guitar), David Ritter (vocals & keys), Jon Hembrey (lead guitar), Isabel Ritchie (violin), Darryl James (bass), and Jeremy Drury (drum). They already released two albums before, My Father and The Hunter (2012) and We Still Move on the Dance Floor (2013). Both albums got a huge success and brought The Strumbellas won Juno Awards for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year in 2014.

In April 2016, The Strumbellas are back with their new album called Hope. Their first single from this album, Spirits, was already released in the end of 2015. Okay, have you listen to this song? Well, honestly, I can’t stop listening to Spirits until now since the first time I heard it. This song makes me so curious to listen their whole new album and yes, my curiosity has been answered by a wonderful package of songs that makes me more addicted to their music. Yes, my first impression for this album is melodically addicting and lyrically amazing. Spirits definitely a perfect opening song for this album. The melody is so good and once you hear this song, I’m sure it won’t be the last time. You’ll still hear Simon Ward shouting, “I got guns in my head and they won’t go” over and over again inside your head.

Shovel and Dirt and We Don’t Know are like a mid-tempo acoustic folk song in the beginning, but the sound of folk-rock are getting strong in the mid-section until the end of the songs. Plus, the sound of violin by Isabel Ritchie in We Don’t Know definitely got me. Next song is Wars and Dog which is my favorite songs from this album. Both songs has a wonderful tunes that makes me never getting bored to listen it over and over again. The rhythm of acoustic guitar in both songs somehow makes me more calm.

They start to slow the tempo with The Hired Band. Well, the sounds of bass and trumpet makes me want to do a slow dance. This song is followed by Young and Wild which is the most upbeat song from this album. I totally love this song. Young and Wild is a very entertain and cheerful song that makes you want jump and always clap your hand. It is like a mood booster song for me.

Okay, we continue to another song. Next song is The Night Will Save Us. This song has similar tempo like The Hired Band. Once again, the sounds of Isabel Ritchie’s violin already gave me chills. I Still Make Her Cry is a little bit different from the other song because it is a wonderful piano acoustic song. This song already gave a different sense with a different arrangement after some upbeat songs. in this album. The last two songs, David and The Wild Sun, are another mid-tempo song and definitely a perfect song to close the journey of this album.

As a conclusion, Hope is definitely one of the most entertaining and the most enjoyable album I’ve ever heard. Each song will give you a different chills that makes you want to listen it over and over again. Oh, I forgot to mention how good the lyrics they used in every song. I think I can’t pick my favorite lyrics because I like all the lyrics in every songs. Almost the lyrics is about life and how we always keep our hope to never give up to chase our dreams. Yupp, the combination between the melodies, the lyrics, and the voice of Simon Ward makes this album become a wonderful thing to hear. I’m so sure you’ll love them even more after you hear this album and I’m sure they are going to be a huge band really soon. Well, if I can give score, I will give 8,5 for their album.


Track list:

  1. Spirits (3:24)
  2. Shovels and Dirt (4:02)
  3. We Don’t Know (4:33)
  4. Wars (3:26)
  5. Dog (3:25)
  6. The Hired Band (3:50)
  7. Young and Wild (4:28)
  8. The Night Will Save Us (3:50)
  9. I Still Make Her Cry (2:32)
  10. David (4:32)
  11. Wild Sun (4:30)



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