Most Anticipated

The Most Anticipated Singer: Gordi

There’s no doubt for me at all to choose Gordi as the most anticipated singer of this month. Yes! When I know that I got my turn to write an article about the most anticipated singer for this month, somehow her name just suddenly pop-up in my head. I think I already told you about how awesome she is before, right?

Okay! Gordi a.k.a. Sophie Payten is 22-year-old folktronica singer-songwriter from Canowindra, Sydney, Australia. About a month ago, I accidentally found and heard her single called Can We Work It Out in Soundcloud. Since then, I falling in love with her music and her unique voice.Not long after, I heard Gordi’s song called Wanting and this song just make me falling in love with her music deeper and deeper.


Gordi just released her debut EP called Clever Disguise in May 13th 2016. Have you listen to her EP? I warn you, this EP is one of the best thing I’ve ever heard. Ever. There’s something different and unique about her music and it is so addicting. The combination between acoustic and electronic instruments makes the rhythm and the melodies so rich and so catchy. Plus, Gordi’s voice is one of the most wonderful and gorgeous voice ever. Her songs also has a wonderful lyrics. So, all I can say is her music is a perfect mixture of every awesome music elements. I think five songs in her EP never enough for me. Definitely can’t wait to hear her full album and I’m sure she will be a huge singer really soon. So, yes! Gordi really deserve as the most anticipated singer of this month.

“And everything you’ve ever lost. Must have a reason it is never found. Convince yourself you’re better off. And you’ll be fine.” -Nothing’s As It Seems-

I think you need to hear how awesome she is by yourself. Try to stream and listen her new EP via Stereogum website ( ) and share your thoughts by give the comment below. Or, you can check her video when she sings Can We Work It Out in piano version. God! This is too awesome and I think you will agree with me. Thank you and enjoy Gordi’s music!



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