New Music From Shura and Zealyn

May is definitely a wonderful month for music industry. There are so many good musician who already released their new single or album in this month. Well, I think this month will be closed by two amazing brand new songs from two great musician. Can you guess who are they? Okay, let’s see who they are!


First news came from UK electro-pop singer, Alexandra Lilah Denton or known worldwide as Shura. Yes! About three days ago, Shura just released her brand new single called What’s It Gonna Be in BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World. I’m gonna tell you, this song is totally hot and awesome! What’s It Gonna Be has a very catchy and delicious tunes. I swear once you hear this song, you will play it over and over again. I’m also sure it is hard for you to not dance or at least shaking your body a little bit when you hear this song. After her songs called Just Once and Touch, somehow Shura always keep impressing us with the 90’s R&B melodies in her songs. What’s It Gonna Be wrote by Shura herself and collaborate with awesome songwriter Mozella and Greg Kurstin. Shura explained about the record is about fancying someone who maybe have a connection with, but then realizing it is actually not going to happen.

Shura’s debut album, Nothing’s Real will release in July 8th 2016. I think it is going to be a brilliant album. For now, why don’t you try to hear her brand new awesome single What’s It Gonna Be. I warn you, this song is so addicting. Thank you and enjoy the music!


Once again, Zealyn teased us with her latest single Overwhelmed for her upcoming debut album Limbic System. This song was already released today and available to stream and purchase at iTunes, Spotify, and all digital stores. This time, Zealyn worked together with her producer, Aaron Marsh. Like the title of the song, somehow this song makes me overwhelmed when I hear it. Both voices looks so perfect each other and the melodies is so wonderful. Zealyn debut album, Limbic System, will be release in June 24th 2016. While we wait for her debut album, why don’t you try to listen her brand new single called Overwhelmed below. Enjoy the music!

So, what’s your favorite song so far? Let’s share your thoughts and opinion by give the comment below. Thank you.




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