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Money To Burn By Ladyhawke

I found another great music in Spotify last Friday and this time is from New Zealandโ€™s singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ladyhawke. Yes! After four years since her second album Anxiety, Ladyhawke finally released her brand new album called Wild Things in June 3rd 2016. I’ve got to be honest, I definitely falling in love with whole songs in her new album. I knew it will be an awesome album since I heard the first song in this album called A Love Song. I totally enjoy all songs in her album from the beginning until the end of the album. This album is so good, so catchy, so up-beat, so dance-able, and so sing-able. I think youโ€™re gonna love this album too. I promise I will talk more about this album in another chance. For now, why donโ€™t you try to listen one of my favorite song from Ladyhawkeโ€™s brand new album called Money To Buy. Thank You and enjoy the music!



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