New Music From Maggie Rogers and Pi Ja Ma

Exciting news come in the middle of June. Yes! There are two musicians who already get my ‘ear-tention‘. Both of them just released their new music with the real potential to be huge sooner. Do you want to know who they are? Okay, let’s check the news below.

Maggie Rogers

First news come from New York singer-songwriter, Maggie Rogers. Maybe some of you already heard about her before. Right! So many people said that she is the most promising singer in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised about that because her new single called Alaska is totally beautiful and completely get my ears. Alaska is an easy listening song with a wonderful and rich tunes that makes you want to do a slow dance. And her voice is so smooth and always gave me chills every time I heard it. Rogers wrote, sang, and co-produced this song by herself. The result is a totally awesome song and somehow already made Pharrel Williams brought into tears. Definitely can’t wait to hear her whole new album. Alaska already released since 17th June 2016. Now, why don’t you try to listen her new single Alaska below and I think you have to get ready to press the repeat button again and again. Enjoy the music!

Pi Ja Ma

Another news come from Pi Ja Ma, a singer-songwriter and also an artist from French. Yup! Pi Ja Ma just released her debut single Radio Girl for her new debut EP called Radio Girl EP which already released worldwide in 15th June 2016. Radio Girl is an upbeat pop song with the taste and a little bit element from 60’s music. You can feel it from the beat of drum and the tunes of the keyboard. And also the Pi Ja Ma’s voice already made the songs completely beautiful. Overall, Radio Girl is so refreshing, easy listening, and allow me to slow dancing. I think you have to hear this song by yourself, so click the play button below and enjoy the music!

So, what’s your favorite new music so far? Let’s share your favorite new music with us. Thank you!



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