Currently Listening To

Silhouette by Tom Odell

If you haven’t heard, Tom Odell just released his second LP, called Wrong Crowd, on last June 10. The deluxe album contains of 15 songs that I just cannot stop listening until now. I have so many reason why, but my top reason is because of the piano thing is my thing, and Odell satisfying my need of piano melody through this album.Β One of my fave song from this album is Silhouette, beside the tittle album itself,Β Wrong Crowd,Β Magnetised, Sparrow, Concrete, and… I can really going on talking about my fave songs but let’s stick into our topic, which is Currently Listening To, first πŸ™‚

I fall for the lyric, fall for the irony of an up beat melody to describe the loss, fall for the little yet stunning detail–the piano and the violin, and the emotion in the way Tom’s sing. All those things making me playing the song over and over and eventually make this song my Currently Listening To song. Here’s the song, have a listen and tell me what do you think, okay? πŸ™‚



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