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Most Anticipated Singer: Annabel Jones

For all electro-pop music fans, get ready for the music invasion from the brand new British singer, Annabel Jones. I’m sure so many of you already heard about her music. Right! Annabel Jones is 27-year-old synth-pop singer songwriter from London, UK. She already start her music career since 2014, but so many people predict she will be a rising star this year and I really sure about that.

annabel-jones 2

I accidentally found her music in New Music Friday on Spotify. Yupp, I fall in love with her song called Happy since the first time I hear it. Happy is an upbeat song with a great balanced between a light-rock and electro-pop elements. This song is some kind of infectious song after it first listen. Then, I try to hear other songs from her and well, I suddenly admire her music. Annabel Jones already create her own dark electro-pop music with the combination between her smooth and unique voice, incredible melodies and rich tunes from synth elements, and amazing songwriting skill which she took from her own experiences. It makes all of her music so *once again* infectious.

Jones just released her debut EP called Libelle EP on May 6th 2016. This EP includes five great songs with IOU and Magnetic as her debut single which already released since February and April. She collaborate with Jimmy Tamborello from The Postal Service and Andrew Goldstein to produced Libelle EP. So, have you heard her infectious music before? Try to listen her debut EP in her Spotify below and tell us what do you think by give a comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music! 🙂



“Fake It” the New Single from Bastille

What do you think about Bastille’s new single, Fake It, guys? I’m in a total anticipation mode towards the new album. By saying anticipation mean whether I’ll like it or not. Before the official announcement of their new album, Bastille often play some new song in their gig aaaannnddddd…. my first impression is, they sure play a different thing. But I still in a neutral zone about the new thing. When they released Good Grief I slightly began to like the new Bastille. But, I do not certain I like the new Bastille when they released Fake It.

I can’t quite describe exactly what’s making the new single does not really impress me. I miss the upbeat tunes, the tapping drum, and the choir where you can sing it together with Dan Smith. Yes, Fake It is wrapped in upbeat tunes and there’s tapping drum but it sound so electro, it miss the echo. And I don’t know, the song doesn’t come with easy-to-sing-along line and melody. I feel like, they are holding something and the overall of this song is like hanging in the air–the new single surprisingly so so. Well, that’s my first impression, which, just like I said before, making me anticipate the new album. If you haven’t heard their new single, click the play button below and feel free to tell us what do you think about the single and your expectation towards the new album 🙂



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Armour by Valley

Have you ever heard about Valley band before? For all of you who like pop-folk music, I’m sure you’re gonna love this band. Valley is an indie pop-folk band from Toronto, United States. This band includes five members; Karah McGilivray, Mike Brandolino, Ben Lee, Alex Dimaura, and Rob Laska. They are actually started as two different band who were accidentally met in music studio. Since then, they start developing so many great music. They already released two EP, Car Test EP (2015) and The Room Is White EP (2016).

One of my favorite song from their brand new EP is Armour. Armour is a great upbeat pop-folk song with great melodies from the beat of the drum and rich tunes from folk instruments. Right! You can hear the sound of guitar and violin really strong in this song. I think you have to try to hear it. So what are you waiting for. Go listen to their song called Armour and tell us what do you think. Enjoy the music! 🙂



Playlist: Favorite TV Series Theme Song

What’s your favorite TV series all the time folks? I’m sure you’re still remember the songs, right? For me, opening music in TV series is like one of first impression from those TV series itself. Some TV series used some kind of interesting instrumental music as an intro and some TV series used a part of great song which I never knew before. So, this is the playlist which includes some of my favorite opening theme from TV series. Can you guess from what TV series is that song? Type your answer by give the comment in this article and lets share what is your favorite one. Thank you and enjoy the music.. 🙂


Album Review

Album Review: Wild Things From Ladyhawke

Actually, it is quite rare for me to like almost all songs from someone’s album in one time play. Have you ever feel that kind of feeling? I remember I felt that kind of feeling when I heard The Corrs’s albums Talk On Corners and In Blue, Sara Bareilles’s album Kaleidoscope Heart and The Blessed Unrest, The Strumbellas’s album Hope, and Haim’s album Days Are Gone. But, it is happening again when I hear Ladyhawke’s new album Wild Things.

Honestly, I never heard the music from Ladyhawke before until I heard her new album which already released since June 2016. But Phillipa Brown totally did it. She already made me falling in love with her music since the first time I heard it. I always love the way Ladyhawke combine the tunes of the piano with the electro elements and it makes whole album become so interesting for me.


Wild Things album includes 11 great song with great electro tunes in every song. A Love Song definitely a perfect song to open this album. This song is an upbeat song with a catchy electro tunes which already gave a great first impression and makes me wonder to listen other songs from this album. Next song called The River, once again, got my attentions. The beat of the drum in the beginning with the tune of piano until the rest of the song already made me addicted to her music. In third track, she try to slow the tempo with Wild Things. The beat is a little bit slower than the two song before, but the tunes of electro instruments still strong in this song. Let It Roll, Chills, and Sweet Fascination are another upbeat song with rich tunes and crowd arrangements. I think I can hear so many melodies from so many instruments and it is so good.

Next song is Golden Girl which one of my favorite song from this album. The sound of ‘ukulele like’ is quite refreshing especially when it combine with electro tunes and the beat of the drum. Hillside Avenue is another great and dance-able songs from the album. I don’t know somehow the tempo makes me overwhelmed when I hear it. I’m sure at least you will shake your body a little bit when you hear this song. Money To Burn and Wonderland are my favorite songs from this album. I really love Wonderland. The tunes of piano at the chorus always gave me chills every time I heard it. So good and I can’t stop listen this song until now. Last but not least, Dangerous is a great song to ending the journey of the album.

As conclusion, three words for this album: Refreshing, Addicting, and Dance-able. So good. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. So, why don’t you try to listen Ladyhawke’s new album Wild Things on her Spotify and get prepare for a little bit dancing.


  1. A Love Song (3:24)
  2. The River (3:27)
  3. Wild Things (5:13)
  4. Let It Roll (3:08)
  5. Chills (3:10)
  6. Sweet Fascination (3:49)
  7. Golden Girl (3:04)
  8. Hillside Avenue (2:39)
  9. Money To Burn (2:39)
  10. Wonderland (3:34)
  11. Dangerous (3:41)


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Radio Silence by James Blake

I have this one theory that, not only you can’t force yourself to like or dislike some music, but also, sometimes, you need time to embrace some music. Here’s the study case. Two years ago, I went back to my hostel leaving James Blake’s set on Laneway music festival. Two years ago, I won’t have any patience to listen to Blake’s slow-full of silent gap song, even if just for one song. Well, I wouldn’t mind to listen to his song but I wouldn’t willingly press the play button. In short, three years ago, James Blase was definitely not my cup of tea. But then time pass, and three years later, I find it soothing and kinda therapy to listen to Blake’s smooth voice, even if he just humming, and his slow down tempo music.

Something maybe change in my self, or Blake’s decision to work with Bon Iver is one of the right decisions he ever made, or his track listing is the one of the greatest arrangements he ever made, or God knows what, one thing for sure, The Colour in Anything gets me. I’m glad he works with Bon Iver because it sparks my curiosity, which lead me to liking his new album and liking his music. And now, I have to admit, not only I’m willingly press the play button over and over again, but also, I kind a regret leaving his set and wanting to see him perform alive. So, don’t be like me. Have a listen to one of my fave songs in Blake’s album here 🙂


Gigs and Festivals Alert

Gigs and Festivals in July 2016

I have to apologize for the super late announcement for the Gigs and Festivals in July 2016. I still get dumbstruck after the long holiday, I think. So, forgive me once again okay? 🙂

Here are the lists of gigs and festivals around Southeast Asia and Australia in July 2016. Hope you have a good time attending one or some of the gigs below 🙂

14th July 2016

Ladyhawke – The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia

15th July 2016

Ladyhawke – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

16th July 2016

Ladyhawke – Howler, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

25th July 2016

Tegan and Sara – 170 Russell (Formerly Billboard), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

26th July 2016

James Blake – Hodern Pavilion, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Tegan and Sara – Metro Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Låpsley – Howler, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

27th July 2016

Låpsley – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

James Blake –  Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

28th July 2016

James Blake – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

29th July 2016

Tegan and Sara – The Star Theatre, Singapore

PS: I really looking forward to October because there’s one gig I’m eager to watch! Will tell you the update if we manage to get the ticket 🙂