In Our Humble Opinion

Music Behind TV Series and Movies: How Important Music Supervisor for The Rising of Indie Music

What is your favorite TV series folks? Did you notice the sense of music that played in a series or movies scene? Okay, We already know music is one of the most important part in tv series or movies. Music already become the soul of a scene and create scene become more alive and being memorable. Do you know who has to be responsible for every memorable scenes in tv series or movies that always keep in our mind? Right! Someone who we usually called music supervisors. Music supervisor is the person whose in charge and responsible for bringing music in tv series or movies.Yupp, they are the one who responsible if we cry when there’s a scene where our favorite character died and suddenly the voice of Gary Lightbody or Greg Laswell come out slowly. Really?!

Music supervisor has a magnificent skill to fit the best musical options for a scene from tv series or movies. They can’t choose the music whatever they wants for that scene. The music supervisor has so many considerations and have to get an idea of the mood, energy, style, and also the exceptions of the song and relate those elements with the situation of a scene. Would it fit for the scene or not. Once they figure out what fits, they pre-clear the songs by getting synchronization license contracts with the artists and labels. A sync license is basically an agreement to match the music to the video.

One of my favorite music supervisor is Alexandra Patsavas. For all Grey’s Anatomy fans, you must be already know about her right? Yupp, she is Shonda Rhimes’s longtime music supervisor who already take us through some of the most iconic music moments in Grey’s Anatomy. Not just Grey’s series, Patsavas also hold the position as music supervisor for some well-known tv series before, like Supernatural, Scandal, Roswell, The OC, Gossip Girl, and Tru Calling, and some movies like, The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Remember Me, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


The most amazing things that makes me admire Alexandra Patsavas is she made me discovered and found so many new indie musicians. She already introduced me and maybe all people who watch Grey’s Anatomy – or other series supervised by her – to so many new great music that we never heard before. Yes, the fact is she’s one of the people who brought indie bands to mainstream TV, and consequently, to the mainstream. From her, I knew a lot of great music from Ingrid Michaelson, Ash Koley, Of Monster and Men, Daughter, Tegan and Sara, Banks, Brandi Carlile, Katie Herzig, Rachael Yamagata, Bon Iver, Rilo Kiley, The Fray, Death Cab For Cutie, Snow Patrol, Greg Laswell, Regina Spektor, Camera Obscura, Au Rivoir Simone, and so many others musician. It was like, she has a premonition ability that makes her know which band or singer that will be huge in the future before all people know about them. And look who are they now? So many of them become a successful musicians now. I really wish I can see all Patsavas’s music collections.

So, we already see how important music supervisor for the rising of indie musicians. Yupp, from my humble opinion, music supervisor definitely has an important role for indie music to be known worldwide. Now, let us know the singer or band that you already discovered from tv series or movies. I’ll be happy to read all comments from you folks. Thank you.



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