Most Anticipated


My first encounter with Rationale is through Bastille’s mixtape VS (Other People Heartache Pt. III). He is one of the featuring musicians in the album. Together with Tyde and Bastille, they work for the song called Axe To Grind. The first thing that stolen my attention is his smooth and rich of R&B voice. My curiosity grew bigger as Dan Smith, Bastille’s front man, diligently talking and promoting Rationale’s music. So I began to dig, what’s Rationale’s music like. And, I should have said before that I should not doubt Smith’s taste of music to begin with because Rationale is a promising musicians that I won’t doubt will grow bigger soon.



Rationale is a project and a stage name of Tinashe Fazakerley, a Zimbabwe-born British singer songwriter. People describe his music genre as alternative pop, R&B, and synthpop, but, for me, what makes his music stand up is his signature in his music, which is his voice and his talent in putting details in songs. Once you’ve listen to Rationale’s music, you’ll know it’s his music when you hear new music from him. It’s recognizable. Tinashe his self already jump into music industry years before. He once released an album under his former stage name Tinashé; he’d work with Mark Crew–also knows as Bastille’s producer, he also become a songwriter for other’s artist like Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. But the name of Rationale slowly soar in when he released his EP, called Fuel to the Fire in 2015.

The EP contains of 4 easy listening songs, Fast LaneRe.Up, Fuel to the Fire, and The Mire. His smooth, calming, relaxing, yet full of emotion voice is on point. I bet, you can’t help yourself joining him to sing along–try to listen to The Mire. You’ll also find yourself swing along with the music when you listen to this EP, especially for Fast Lane and Re.Up. Besides his amazing voice, the details in every song, like the stand up melody between the verse 1 and two or the swinging humming in the background, surely mesmerizing and making me want to keep listening the EP over and over again.

I really looking forward to the day he will release his LP, which thankfully has been planed to release in September this year. Rationale already teased the excited fans with his two new singles Something For Nothing and Palms. If you haven’t heard of his music, this is the right time to check his music and catch up with our most anticipated artist. Here, take a listen to Rationale’s EP and let’s anticipate his LP together this September 🙂



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