News From Shura, WILD, and The Naked and Famous

A lot of things happened in the beginning of July. Right! So many musicians just released their brand news album, EP, and single. We’re getting excited here because there’s a lot of great music to be heard. So, can you guess which musician who already released their new music? Okay, here we go!


Our first news come from English singer, songwriter, and producer, Shura. Yes! After we waited for quite long and after so many awesome single like Touch and What’s It Gonna Be, Shura finally released her debut album called Nothing’s Real. This album already released since 8th July 2016 and include 13 awesome tracks. Shura definitely did it! In this album, you can hear the sounds of 90’s R&B melodies in every tracks. It makes every track has a very catchy tunes and really worth to be heard. And Shura’s voice is really smooth, nice, and totally fit and get along with the tunes. Definitely love her voice. So far, my favorite tracks is still What’s It Gonna Be. Have you listen Shura’s new album folks? Come on, try to listen her album and tell us what’s your favorite tracks.


Another news come from indie pop-folk trio from Los Angeles, WILD. Finally! After they already amazed us with their single Back To You and Vagabond, WILD finally back with their new EP called All We’ll Ever Have. This EP is include four songs with the lead single Silver and Gold. They keep folk elements in their music with great melodies from guitar that you can hear in every tracks in this album. So good, so calm, and I think it’s a really great tracks to hear in road trip. Okay, if you haven’t listen their new EP, you can hear their EP in Spotify below and tell us what do you think. Enjoy!

The Naked and Famous

Last but not least, our next news come from New Zealand’s indie electro band, The Naked and Famous. For all of you who already become fans of Grey’s Anatomy series, I’m sure you already know about them right? Yupp, two years after their last album In Rolling Waves (2014), they finally back with their new single called Higher. Higher is a really nice upbeat song with a rich tunes and great melodies from electro instruments. Definitely so good. So far, this song already got my eartention. So, what are you waiting for, try to listen their new single and I’m sure you’re gonna like it. Enjoy the music folks!



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