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Radio Silence by James Blake

I have this one theory that, not only you can’t force yourself to like or dislike some music, but also, sometimes, you need time to embrace some music. Here’s the study case. Two years ago, I went back to my hostel leaving James Blake’s set on Laneway music festival. Two years ago, I won’t have any patience to listen to Blake’s slow-full of silent gap song, even if just for one song. Well, I wouldn’t mind to listen to his song but I wouldn’t willingly press the play button. In short,Β three years ago, James Blase was definitely not my cup of tea. But then time pass, and three years later, I find it soothing and kinda therapy to listen to Blake’s smooth voice, even if he just humming, and his slow down tempo music.

Something maybe change in my self, or Blake’s decision to work with Bon Iver is one of the right decisions he ever made, or his track listing is the one of the greatest arrangements he ever made, or God knows what, one thing for sure,Β The Colour in AnythingΒ gets me. I’m glad he works with Bon Iver because it sparks my curiosity, which lead me to liking his new album and liking his music. And now, I have to admit, not only I’m willingly press the play button over and over again, but also, I kind a regret leaving his set and wanting to see him perform alive. So, don’t be like me. Have a listen to one of my fave songs in Blake’s album here πŸ™‚



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