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Armour by Valley

Have you ever heard about Valley band before? For all of you who like pop-folk music, I’m sure you’re gonna love this band. Valley is an indie pop-folk band from Toronto, United States. This band includes five members; Karah McGilivray, Mike Brandolino, Ben Lee, Alex Dimaura, and Rob Laska. They are actually started as two different band who were accidentally met in music studio. Since then, they start developing so many great music. They already released two EP, Car Test EP (2015) and The Room Is White EP (2016).

One of my favorite song from their brand new EP is Armour. Armour is a great upbeat pop-folk song with great melodies from the beat of the drum and rich tunes from folk instruments. Right! You can hear the sound of guitar and violin really strong in this song. I think you have to try to hear it. So what are you waiting for. Go listen to their song called Armour and tell us what do you think. Enjoy the music! 🙂



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