“Fake It” the New Single from Bastille

What do you think about Bastille’s new single, Fake It, guys? I’m in a total anticipation mode towards the new album. By saying anticipation mean whether I’ll like it or not. Before the official announcement of their new album, Bastille often play some new song in their gig aaaannnddddd…. my first impression is, they sure play a different thing. But I still in a neutral zone about the new thing. When they released Good Grief I slightly began to like the new Bastille. But, I do not certain I like the new Bastille when they released Fake It.

I can’t quite describe exactly what’s making the new single does not really impress me. I miss the upbeat tunes, the tapping drum, and the choir where you can sing it together with Dan Smith. Yes, Fake It is wrapped in upbeat tunes and there’s tapping drum but it sound so electro, it miss the echo. And I don’t know, the song doesn’t come with easy-to-sing-along line and melody. I feel like, they are holding something and the overall of this song is like hanging in the air–the new single surprisingly so so. Well, that’s my first impression, which, just like I said before, making me anticipate the new album. If you haven’t heard their new single, click the play button below and feel free to tell us what do you think about the single and your expectation towards the new album 🙂




3 thoughts on ““Fake It” the New Single from Bastille

  1. I am really excited for the release of the album! When they released Good Grief I was skeptical but ended up loving it, now, Fake It will take me some time to fall for it 😅 This 2nd album gives me vibes of their mixtapes.


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