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Most Anticipated Singer: Annabel Jones

For all electro-pop music fans, get ready for the music invasion from the brand new British singer, Annabel Jones. Iā€™m sure so many of you already heard about her music. Right! Annabel Jones is 27-year-old synth-pop singer songwriter from London, UK. She already start her music career since 2014, but so many people predict she will be a rising star this year and I really sure about that.

annabel-jones 2

I accidentally found her music in New Music Friday on Spotify. Yupp, I fall in love with her song called Happy since the first time I hear it. Happy is an upbeat song with a great balanced between a light-rock and electro-pop elements. This song is some kind of infectious song after it first listen. Then, I try to hear other songs from her and well, I suddenly admire her music. Annabel Jones already create her own dark electro-pop music with the combination between her smooth and unique voice, incredible melodies and rich tunes from synth elements, and amazing songwriting skill which she took from her own experiences. It makes all of her music so *once again* infectious.

Jones just released her debut EP called Libelle EP on May 6th 2016. This EP includes five great songs with IOU and Magnetic as her debut single which already released since February and April. She collaborate with Jimmy Tamborello from The Postal Service and Andrew Goldstein to produced Libelle EP. So, have you heard her infectious music before? Try to listen her debut EP in her Spotify below and tell us what do you think by give a comment in our blog. Thank you and enjoy the music! šŸ™‚



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