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Let’s Talk About Music Piracy

Creative industry, including music industry, has been in a long and exhausting war. What kind of war? A piracy one. The vast growing technology is not only bring a lot of benefits, but also a major disaster for its user. Since the internet era, it seems like piracy turns into a gigantic Pacman that keep eating artist’s copyright. If piracy gives so much loss to the artist then why people keep it alive? Ignorance or a pure lack of understanding could be the answer of why some people still become part of this music piracy. Maybe if they truly understand what piracy does to the artist life, they will open their eyes and ears and hearts to stop practicing piracy.


Why do people participate in digital music piracy? Some people do that because they have no access to the original work. Please bear with me and take a look at to this point of view. For people who live in the first or second world, it probably easy to find a cd or vinyl of some musicians, but you can’t say the same to the people who live in developing world. They don’t have a lot of access to buy the music because, the ugly truth is, only certain music, especially the one who has been promoted by the radio, that they probably could find and buy in their country. You can easily find Marroon 5 or One Direction cds and vinyls in most countries but you can’t say the same if you want to buy alt-J or The Strumbellas. Not that I’m trying to justify the act of music piracy, no. Piracy, just like any other form of crime, can happen if there’s a way to let it happen. All I want to talk here is maybe if they know there’s an alternative ways to support musician in a legal way, they’ll be willingly stop practicing piracy. Now, what are the alternatives? First, you can obviously always go with iTunes. No further explanation needed here. But what if you aren’t the iPhone user? Worry not, there are couple of websites that work together with the musicians that let you stream their music legally. What are their names? some are Spotify, Soundcloud, Noisetrade, Bandcamp, you google it. From there, you can visit the official artists sites to buy the music you like using your cc or paypal. If you don’t have one, then just stream, don’t take the shortcut to download it illegally.

Unfortunately, half of the other people who commit piracy is fully aware of what they did and simply just want to pay half price or free for music they like. If that’s the case, what should we do? We need to talk, guys. In a simple and short logic way, we can begin to think about this: We enjoy their work, some people even admit that music save their life, so the least we can do to express our gratitude is by stop become part of the piracy. Let’s take a look the poster below and put those sentences into our afterthought.

Mark Miodownik--Stuff Matters

Source: Penguin Books UK twitter account @PenguinUKBooks

Think about the poster above. What if because we’re being greedy and keep practicing piracy, our fave musicians will no longer able making music–or worse, in the future, there will be no more music. Because, come on, don’t be näive, it takes money to produce music. Unless the artists say we can take it for free then don’t take it. We sure don’t want people to enjoy our hard work but value it as nothing right? Because our work is not an air which you can take it for free. I don’t want to bore you with my long long speech. So, let me close our talk with this creative poster about awareness to enjoy music legally. Feel free to leave us comments if you want to share your opinion about music piracy or if you find another creative campaign form 🙂 Let’s spread the words and respect each other work!

Respect the Artist, Buy the Music

Source: My bad, I found this poster around 2013 but forget to take a note who made this. If you know whose poster is this, please kindly let me know, so I can put it on the credit. I use this because it simply explain everything about why we should respect artists work. 



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