Currently Listening To

Pulse by Ider

If I could choose one word to describe Pulse, I’ll choose effortless.  Seriously. Pulse is the second single from Ider, a London-based duo consist of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville.  Before Pulse, they already released one single called Sorry. But, I found out about them last June through the second single and instantly love Pulse.

The song begin with a slow down tempo, making the vocal on point. The tempo increase verse by verse along with the haunting voice. They are successfully building the tempo and the harmony between their voice. You can feel how smooth and neat the way they deliver the song and the emotion in the song. Almost like effortless. When the song is over, the next thing you know is, you press the play button again, and again. Don’t believe what I say? Hit the play button then and see if you can resist this awesome song to slip away once it finish 🙂 I really looking forward to their next single and hopefully an EP.




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