New Music from Betsy, Dotan, and Liv Dawson

It’s Friday Yay, guys! We’re basically excited about Friday, not because it is so close to the weekend but, because usually there will be #newmusicFriday from lots of musicians around the world. So, who’s here as excited as us to check the new musics? Raise your hand 🙂

For all of you who’s already raised your hand, here I picked three new music that successfully win my ears at the first play. For those who don’t, come on join the excitement and humor me guys, raise your hand and read this, ya?

Lost & Found from Betsy

OH MY GOD! I like her from the first intro, the string is amazing! Lost & Found gives melody that bet you $100, you’ll dance along during the song, a happy, bright lyric that promise you’ll sing and smiling along wholeheartedly during the song, and a voice that me and Elsa agree remind us of Cher–kindly remind me of my beloved 90’s music memory. I believe, soon, Betsy will darted to the sky of fame. Have you guys heard her music? Don’t come late to the party, press the play button below!


Shadow Wind from Dotan

If Betsy makes you dance, Dotan will makes you swing. If Betsy helps you picture an energetic modern day, Dotan will brings your imagination to a wild nature, a huge savanna, with the golden light where you can feel your feet being swallowed by brown grass while the typical August wind strokes your hair gently. Of course both of the songs are amazing. Hence you need to check his music too. Now, close your eyes and absorb the percussion beat, the finger picking strumming guitar, and his soothing voice.


Still from Liv Dawson

Liv Dawson offers one of my favorite formula, en electro pop which presented with a gentle voice. The song begins with a slow down tempo, let you relax before tapping your hands following the mid-tempo which come soon after, and the next thing you know, you’ll tilting your hand and body along the tune. I like the piano tune which stand out amongst the electronic percussion. For me, it’s so easy to liking this song and choose it as my companion at the end of the day. Find out how you feel about this song by clicking the play button below.


There, my three favorite new music Friday. Hope you enjoy those songs and as usual, never hesitate to share your opinion towards those songs and let me know your favorite new music Friday, so I can check them out too. Enjoy your Friday, wish you have a wonderful weekend, xoxo.



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