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West Coast by Junior Empire

Get ready for another British band invasion in music industry. This time the invasion comes from British indie pop band, Junior Empire or formerly known as The Mispers. This band includes five members: Jack Balfour Scott (lead vocals), Joey Arnold Zapata (rhythm guitar and vocals), Diego Porto Belmonte (lead guitar), Hannah van den Brui (violin and vocals), and Jordan Gaetano Grispino (drums).

Have you heard their debut single called West Coast folks? Well, I bet you’re gonna love it. I found their music via Discover Weekly in Spotify and I just falling in love with their song since the first time I heard West Coast. The combination between the beat of the drum and the tunes of piano at the beginning of the song totally got my first impression toward this song. The sound of guitars at the pre-chorus also makes me falling deeper with their music. There’s a source describe West Coast as “a song that can take a listener to a dark place without causing a glooming attitude”. Yupp, that’s definitely what I feel. Somehow the melodies can take us to somewhere only we know. This song also become a perfect soundtrack accompaniment for driving down the road with the windows down. From this debut song, we can predict this band will be huge in the future.

Okay, I think you really need to hear this song and I’m really sure you’re gonna like it. So, press the play button in Spotify below and tell us what do you think! Thank you! 🙂



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