Album Review

Album Review: The Colour in Anything by James Blake

Before we start talking about this album, I want to tell you that I won’t compare Blake’s past works with this album because I haven’t listening—have heard, but not listening–to the other albums. So, my review will be limited to what I feel toward this album.



I’ve been listening to this album, which being released on last May, for the past two months and still listening to it until now. It becomes a habit of mine to wake up in the weekend morning and play this album while lay in my bed, sometimes doing nothing, other time reading or painting. And in the case of painting, I once heard that a good art will trigger anyone who sees or hears it to creates another form of arts. Blake’s album do that. Hence, I pick it as my album review.

The album begin with a slow down tempo, broken hearted song, which gives you a dark melody, called Radio Silence. With repetition lyrics, Blake builds the mood of the song, as if asking you to truly listening before increasing the tempo—hypnotizing and making you wonder what will come next? Of course, he doesn’t dissapoint you, the song end with a hum as engaging as the repetition lyrics. The almost same formula also pop in the next song, Points, and in the less dark melody songs, like Timeless, Two Men Down, and Modern Soul.

You can find yourself sing along with Blake in Love Me in Whatever Way. This song is wrapped in a constant beat and relatively long lyrics, but he still close the song with his signature hum. Another sing along songs are Put That Away And Talk To Me, My Willing Heart—let me know whether you can or cannot resist to swing your body while listening it, and Noise Above Our Heads. In f.o.r.e.v.e.r., Waves Know Shores, The Colour in Anything, and Meet You In The Maze, Blake proves that by just listening to his soothing voice, some with the piano melody, is as enjoyable as the other songs.

A touch of piano jazz appears in Always, while the only, slightly up beat song in this album probably is Choose Me—which become my favourite, along with Radio Silense, My Willing Heart, Noise Above Our Heads, Modern Soul, and I Need a Forest Fire. The last one, which is his work with Bon Iver, is an astonishing one. Since the very beginning, the intro successfully catches my attention. Like Radio Silence, Blake builds the mood patiently, letting Bon Iver deliver some lines before joining him and together their voices intertwine, gripping you till the last second of the song. My only least favourite goes to I Hope My Life. It doesn’t mean the song is not good, no, I just find it a little dull—too monotone, than the others.

For me, Blake’s music is a combination of something mesmerizing and strange, a new territory that I’m keen to explore. Hopefully, there will be a chance to attend his gig one day. Meanwhile, if you haven’t check the album, you can check it now by clicking the play button below. Enjoy and let me know what you think about the album too 🙂




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