Tom Odell Treats Fans By Releasing Wrong Crowd Acoustic Album

Yup, you read it right. Just two days ago, I received an email that made my day. The heroic email was a newsletter informed me that, there is a Wrong Crowd acoustic album, the East 1st Street Piano Tapes. Then, why do I call it a treat? Because a) Tom performed all the songs in the Wrong Crowd album just accompanied by piano, b) you know what to expect, right? it means you can be focus on hearing Tom’s soulful voice clearly and feel the emotion; a full band album is like seeing a colourful photograph–you see the beauty, while an acoustic album is like seeing a black and white photograph–you see the emotion, c) the quality of this acoustic album is a five stars, it makes you feel like Tom sings in front of you, it’s like you are attending an intimate gig. So, in case you’ve been wondering how does it feel like to wake up in the Sunday morning because someone is playing piano and sing casually-like the way he hum in the intro of Silhouette–in the next room, I guess this album can help you picture it.

On the other note, this acoustic album enhancing Tom as a singer and piano player you need to listen. Here, hear the whole Wrong Crowd album performed acoustically!



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