Scavenger Hunt is Back With Their New Single, River Runs Dry

After their awesome 1990’s songs mixtape, Scavenger Hunt finally back with their awesome brand new single called River Runs Dry. This song was premiered exclusively on Billboard in August 5th 2016. River Runs Dry was written by Jill Lamoureux, James Flannigan, and Dan Mufson. The result is such a great song to hear. Have you listen to this song folks? I bet you’re gonna singing all day long.

River Runs Dry is an upbeat song with the combination between so many great tunes from electronic instruments and the sound of R&B and hip-hop which already become the music character from Scavenger Hunt. Plus, once again, Jill Lamoureux always amazed me with her smooth and wonderful voice. It makes River Runs Dry become such a great whole package of song that really worth to be heard. This song is the first single from their upcoming EP with the same title, River Runs Dry EP, which expected to be release sometime next year. Definitely can’t wait.

So, if you haven’t heard Scavenger Hunt’s new song before, entertain your ears with their new single called River Runs Dry. Then, tell us what do you think! Enjoy the music and thank you!



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