Ellie Goulding Just Dropped Her New Epic Single, Still Falling For You

Epic! That’s my first thought when I heard Ellie Goulding’s new single, Still Falling For You, on her Spotify. Right! Ellie Goulding just released this great song since last Friday and I can’t stop hear this song until now. After her phenomenal song for Fifty Shades of Grey movie soundtrack, Love Me Like You Do, Ellie comes back with another epic song for another movie. Still Falling For You was set to be a soundtrack from upcoming movie, Bridget Jone’s Baby which will be in cinemas on Sept 16th.

Still Falling For You is definitely beautiful mid-tempo song. This song is starts with slow and soft melody from the tunes of keyboards convey the beautiful and smooth Ellie’s voice since the beginning. After the chorus, the melody become more fast with the dance beat from the electronic instruments and the sound of marching drums. I bet you’re gonna love this song since the first you hear it.

This song makes me feel curious and anticipated for her next album which we don’t know either when will be released. But, some sources said Ellie Goulding already back in the studio earlier this month. For all Ellie Goulding’s fans, just prepared for her another her epic album. Can’t wait!

Well. For all of you who haven’t heard Ellie’s new epic song, you can hear in her Spotify below and tell us what do you think. Thank you and enjoy the music!



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