Throw Back Thursday

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

I know, I know that a #ThrowBackThursday is supposed to do on Thursday, but I couldn’t make it last Thursday so kindly let me redeem it today, yea? Well, assuming you guys let me, so here I present to you the track that I’ve choose as my Throw Back Thursday, Torn by one of the notable 90’s and early 2000’s singer, Natalie Imbruglia.

Nearly 20 years making music, I bet you guys quite familiar with her single, like Torn, Wishing I Was There, That Day, Wrong Impression, or Shiver. My first encounter with her music was by a compilation album, about female singers if I’m not mistaken, released by MTV at its golden era. Since the first time I hear Torn, I like it and never been able to resist sing along with Natalie whenever I hear this song. Maybe because the lyrics successfully describe the feeling of being disappointed, maybe because the melody is so simply earcatching, maybe because Natalie’s voice is so beautiful, or maybe because all of those factors, I think Torn is one of the best song that ever written in the 90’s music industry.

Here, let’s travel back to the 97 when Left Of The Middle was being released and Natalie’s name shot to the top when people listen to Torn.




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