Bastille Revealed the 3rd Single, Send Them Off!

Count down to 8 days before the official Album release date, Bastille just revealed their next single, called Send Them Off! The song begins with a man talking like in an ancient movie or documentation, quite similar to the others songs before, Good Grief and Fake It. Then trumpet melodies greet you, remind you of a hero theme song back when you are a kid. After the intro, you finally hear how Dan sings the lyrics that he gave you a glimpse via his Instagram account.

Compare to the last single, Fake ItSend Them Off! has an easier melody to be stuck in your mind. It is an easy to singalong kind a song. Have you heard it? If you haven’t, kindly press the play button below.

I’m beginning to think that I’m a whining fan but… I still think that there’s something hanging in the air while listening to the new single from Bastille, Send Them Off! I still feel the song like almost finish, almost as good as any Bastille’s first album, and still think Bastille could make it better than the version they had released.

Still, I’m excited to hear the whole songs in the new album, which will be out on September 9th. Let’s see how Bastille surprise their fan!



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