Throw Back Thursday

Sitting Down Here from Lene Marlin

Back to the year of 1999, I remember that was the first time I heard this unique voice sing a song called Unforgivable Sinner. Do you still remember who sang that song, folks? Right, Lene Marlin! One of my favorite solo singer ever. I found her music through a cassette which include so many music compilation and one of them is Lene Marlin. She has a really smooth, beautiful, and unique voice. I always hypnotized every time I heard her sang. And the way she played acoustic guitar is awesome.

I’m sure you must be remembered some songs from her, like The Way We Are, Another Day, and You Weren’t There. And this time, I will choose Sitting Down Here from Lene Marlin as our Throwback Thursday this week. Do you still remember this song? Well, if you forget this song, I will try to remind you a little bit. Try to listen this song in her Spotify below and tell us about your favorite 90’s or early 2000 song. Thank you and enjoy the music!



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