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Hey Child From Korbee

For all of you who like pop-folk music, you must be already know about Korbee, right? Yupp, Korbee is an alternative pop-folk duo band from Los Angeles, United States. So many sources describe their music as β€œthe vein of Coldplay meets Flatwood Mac”. I think when you hear their songs, you can feel something different and unique with their music. The sounds of percussion, guitar, piano, drum, and sometimes violin and strings makes the melodic so anthemic and the tunes are so rich. The voice from Tom Korbee and Jenn Korbee also perfect each other makes everything so great and entertain for all people who listen their music.

Korbee already released her debut EP called Great Escape in 2014. Recently, Korbee collaborate with Grammy-Nominated producer, Mark Endent, to produce their debut album which predict to be released this fall. While you wait for their debut album, you can listen their new single called Hey Child which actually already released since June 2016. Have you listen it folks? Go push play button in their Spotify below and tell us what do you think. Thank you and enjoy the music folks. πŸ™‚



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