Throw Back Thursday

Here With Me by Dido


Hi, it’s Thursday again! What does it means? It means it’s time to share our #ThrowBackThursday for this week 🙂 My pick goes to Here With Me by Dido. I heard this song for the first time when I saw Roswell TV series season 1, which still one of my favorite TV show. Since then, Dido become one of my favorite musicians. I used to spent my Saturday or Sunday morning listened to her album using my Walkman and sing along with her. I remember that, sometimes, the ‘jamming’ time woke my brother and sister up :))

Although my favorite Dido’s album is Life For Rent, I choose Here With Me as my favorite song from Dido. I got caught by Dido’s characteristic voice. And straightaway fall for her dark and haunting melody in this song. I also love her lyrics, which able to capture perfectly the confuse, then denial, and eventually the scary feeling of being leave alone in this song. Now, to refresh your memory, or if you haven’t heard this 1999’s song, kindly press the play button below 🙂



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