“Big Mess” the New Album From Grouplove

What an exciting day! Two of my favorite bands just release their new album today; Bastille with their second LP, Wild World, and Grouplove with their 3rd album, Big Mess. Have you guys heard it? Before releasing the full album, the band released 4 singles, which were Welcome To Your Life, Do You Love Someone, Traumatized, and Enlighten Me. Big Mess itself consists of 11 songs that will take your mood to a fun roller coaster journey.


I always love Grouplove for their full energy music and the harmony of the duet vocal from Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi. So, when I heard Welcome To Your Life and Do You Love Someone, I got impatient waiting for the album to be release. And Grouplove don’t disappointed me. They put the up beat and sing along song, Welcome To Your Life follow by Do You Love Someone, as the opening, which I believe will grab listener attention. Standing In The Sun maybe sounds a bit so so, but Enlighten Me will restore your attention. This slightly dark mood, slow down tempo song, will give you chance to chill for a moment before continuing dancing and sing along with them in Good Morning.

Once again, they reducing the tension with another slow tempo song, Spinning, before twisting the mood into a rock music through Cannonball, Traumatized, and Heart of Mine. What makes the rock songs interesting is how Hooper’s voice could smoothing the beat and get along with Zucconi’s scream. On the next song, Don’t Stop Making it Happen, Grouplove conjure the ground where you are standing into the dance floor and you’ll dance along with them. Without realize, you almost reach the end of the journey. So, they help you cooling down by putting a slightly slow down tempo song, Hollywood. This song is like a closing of the big mess yet fun time you’ve been through.

Now, do you want to experience the roller coaster mood journey that I’ve been trying to explain to you? Simply press the play button below and enjoy theย Big Mess that Grouplove prepare for you ๐Ÿ™‚



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