The Wait Is Over, Bastille’s New Album, Wild World, Is Out Now!

After waiting for years, Bastille finally release their brand new album, called Wild World, to the real wild world today. They release the album in two version, the standard and complete version. The standard consist of 14 songs, while the complete version consist of 19 songs. The five additional songs including Way Beyond, Oil On WaterCampusShame, and The Anchor. The album greets you with the first single they had released before, Good Grief, then follow by The Current, which some of the fans already familiar with. Beside The Current, fans finally get a chance to hear the studio version of Power, Blame, Snakes, and Campus, which had been introduced by Bastille on their gig since last year.


For some of Bastille’s fans maybe they already received a warning that the band would like to do lots of exploration and experiment in this album. They did. You’ll find the heavy guitar that Dan once told fans, like in The Currents and Blame. Through Sent Them Off!, Oil On Water and Shame, we can deduce that trumpet sure become Bastille’s new buddy. You can also find a trace of their love toward movie in some of their intro, like in the Sent Them Off!. Even the way Dan presents the songs are also has a touch of exploration, like in the An Act of Kindness and Way Beyond. Also, almost all songs has a part of monologue like the one in a documentation or old movie.

The album may explore lots of new tunes, but you’ll still be able to recognize Bastillle’s signature, like the strings in Glory, the haunting backing vocals, the deep and thoughtful lyrics, and of course Dan’s voice. Worry not, most of the songs in Wild World still suit perfectly as our festival anthem. It kind a hard not to jump or dancing along with Bastille’s up beat song. In case you haven’t pre order the album, I suggest you to buy the complete version because I bet you don’t want to miss the studio version of Campus. Oh yes, Campus is one of my favorite in this album, together with Good GriefAn Act of KindnessWarmthWay BeyondOil on Water, and Shame. Meanwhile, here take a listen to the new album of Bastille, Wild World, and share with us your thought of the album 🙂



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