Scavenger Hunt Just Released Their New Danceable Single, Sweet Talk

There are so many exciting news on Sept 9th which already made me so thrilled. So many  musicians finally released their brand new album or single after quite long time. One of them is my favorite electro-pop band from Los Angeles, Scavenger Hunt. Right! After her danceable single River Runs Dry, once again, Jill Lamoureux and her friends teased us with their earcatching single called Sweet Talk.

Sweet Talk is a cheerful upbeat song with nice and danceable electro-pop melody which become Scavenger Hunt’s music character. Like usual, Jill Lamoureux always amazed me with her beautiful and smooth voice which makes me to push replay button over and over again. Really can’t wait to hear another EP or album from Scavenger Hunt. If you curious with their brand new single, Sweet Talk, why don’t you try to push play button in their Spotify below and tell us what do you think. Thank you and enjoy the music.



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