Most Anticipated


Dagny Norvol Sandvik, or more known as Dagny, is a Norwegian pop singer who recently caught my attention. She just released her EP, called Ultraviolet, on last September 2nd. The EP contains of 5 songs, which are Fight SleepUltravioletToo YoungBackbeat, and Fool’s Gold. In the last song, she’s working with BØRNS. If I have to describe the 5 songs in this EP, I’ll choose energy injection.

I dare to guarantee you that all songs in this EP will make you dance, or swing your body following the energetic rhythm. Her clear and powerful voice maybe won’t be a thing about her that help you recognize her music right away, but the energy she  gives into her song will makes you want to listen to her music again and again. With a tendency into an electro-pop, a strong backing vocals, a pounding drum beats, and lyric–especially the chorus part–easy to sing along, Dagny has so much potential to be our next favorite musicians. If you haven’t check her EP, you can press the play button below and see for yourself what Dagny’s music offers you 😉



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