In Our Humble Opinion

Unsigned/Independent Musicians: The Real Struggle In Music Industry

Actually, I just realized this is the third time I talked about indie music for IOHO category. I’m so sorry and honestly I don’t know why. Sometimes I’m amazed with so many musicians who try to introduce their music independently, from the writing process until they published their own music. Not like some  musicians who signed a contract with major record label,  unsigned or independent musician often struggling with some things to introduce their own music.

As the variation of music genre grows wider recently, we can find so many independent musician everywhere. For all of you who like to dig and discover some new music, I’m sure you can find some kind of treasure in their music. Well, not like another famous musician who we can find easily in television, radio, or any website, sometimes indie musician rely on people or listener to find their music.  From what I saw, maybe they have their own reason why they don’t signed a contract with any record label.  They might be want to make their own music, doesn’t want to be told about what they should do or shouldn’t do, or they are actually doesn’t have selling target. Independent musician just want to produce and introduce their creativity through music and self-belief that their music deserve to be heard.

Actually, I’m not an indie musician or someone who produce things so maybe my opinion could be wrong. But, I have some thoughts about the things that makes indie musicians struggling in music industry. The first thing that cross in my mind is about production cost. Well, this might become the main problems for every indie musicians with limit budget to produce music. They have to rent a record studio or additional player, bought musical instruments, and produce their music through CD or vinyl. But, in the other side, indie musicians has something that any musician with major label doesn’t have. It’s freedom. They are the one who decide how to make their own music, how and when to release their music, where they want to held gigs, how to promote their music, how many music video they will make, how much they will sell their music, and other things. They are the one who control everything and no one holds them back. When they could control everything, they will find their own way to produce their music with their own budget.

The next thing is people’s music taste. Indie musician create music based on their music passion and vision without thinking what kind of music that happening right now. Because actually, people will search music based on the style of music they like and enjoy. Sometimes, music that we heard on the radio or television doesn’t fit with our ears or music taste so we tried to discover new things. And yes,  people thrive to explore so many kind of new music and sound so we always feel curious to find our next favorite band or singer.

The last thing is about self-publishing and promotion. Well, maybe this is the main things from the whole process of independent music production. Every indie musicians definitely wants their music to be heard by people around the world. But maybe, back to the budget problem, some indie musician can’t effort things like press conference, launch/released party, being recognized by Spotify or other website, and other things to promote their music. But now, there are so many website who curate and help to promote so many kind of indie music, like Bandcamp, Indieshuffle, Soundcloud, or MySpace. This websites definitely gave a huge impact for every independent musician nowadays. I could find so many great indie musicians through these websites. Beside that, there are so many indie musicians who finally become a success band or singer through their own network, friends, or fanbase without help from major labels.

Okay, that’s my opinion about the things that might be every indie musician had been through in the process to produce their music. If you have other opinion about indie musicians or music, you can give your comment and share it with us. Thank you so much.



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