Album Review

Album Review: All Lit Up by Repartee

Once again, I found another album that makes me thrilled listening all songs from the album. This time, it comes from Newfoundland electro-pop band, Repartee. Their debut album called All Lit Up is a kind of album that makes you never push next button and get excited to listen whole songs from the beginning until the end. All Lit Up already released since April 2016 and this album include eight great song that really worth to be heard.


At the beginning of the album, we will hear a song called All Lit Up. This song has great melodies and very catchy tunes which I’m sure you will love it since the first drum beat you heard and makes you curious about the next song. And yes, if you like the first song, I bet you will like Die B4U too. This song has the same awesome drum beat with All Lit Up and the sound from electric guitar at the pre-chorus makes the song so great.

The beat is getting a little bit slow with a mid-tempo song called Miracle. But still, Meg Warren’s powerful and wonderful voice already gave me chills every time I hear it. After a mid-tempo song, Repartee push us to dance with their next song called Electric Every Day which one of my favorite song from the album. Electric Every Day is a cheerful and danceable upbeat song that I’m sure you will love it at the first time you hear it. Totally love the drum beat and once again, Meg Warren’s high voice makes whole song become so freakin’ awesome.

You will hear many sounds from electronic instruments in their song called Nice Girls. It makes this song has a rich synth-pop tunes and great melodies to hear. Next song is my favorite song from the album. Right! We talked about Dukes. I think I already told you about how awesome this song at Currently Listening category before and yes, until now this song still become my morning jam for almost two months. Dukes is an upbeat song with awesome melodies and rich tunes from electronic instruments combined with the sounds of snapping fingers and clapping hands that make this song so perfect and really worth to be heard. I bet you will sing along with Meg during this song.

We can hear another mid-tempo song in the next song called Carelessly, Carelessly. Still, the rich tunes from electronic instruments makes this song got my eartention. Fall Apart definitely a perfect song to ending this awesome album from Repartee. Like All Lit Up and Die B4U, Fall Apart also has a great drum beat and the melodies are so danceable and singable. It’s hard to stay silence and not moving your body while you hear this song.

Okay, as the conclusion, I considered All Lit Up from Repartee as one of the best album that I ever heard in 2016. Meg Warren (lead vocal). Robbie Brett (guitar), Nick Coultas-Clarke (drums), and Josh Banfield (keyboards) definitely success gave us something that really worth to be heard. Their music is so great and the arrangement of the songs are perfect and makes me so curious to listened whole songs until the end. If I could give a score, I will give 8 of 10 for All Lit Up album. If you haven’t heard their music yet, I suggest you to push play button in their Spotify below. Thank you.



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