Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated Singer: FLETCHER

I don’t know how to say, but if I can say all the compliment words that I know in this world, I will give it to FLETCHER. I really admire her music since the first time I heard her song called Avalanche in Spotify. Then, I really curious about her music so I try to hear more songs from her and.. I falling in love with her music. Totally falling in love. I’m so amazed how Fletcher combine folk, pop, electro, and others sounds like snapping fingers and clapping hands and makes such a wonderful upbeat music. I love how she mixed the percussion instruments and folk instruments like banjo as her music characteristic. I’m speechless how to describe her music actually, but yes, her music is like doping and so addicting.


For all of you who maybe doesn’t know yet about Fletcher, she is a folk-rock singer-songwriter from New Jersey, United States. She already released four singles: Live Young Die Free, Avalanche, War Paint, and Wasted Youth. I love every singles from her. I really can’t wait to hear her debut EP or album. I’m really sure it’s gonna be awesome. That’s why I picked her as our Most Anticipated Singer for this month. I’m 100% sure, she’s gonna be a huge singer in the future. Definitely, worth to be anticipated.

So, have you heard about her music? I think you have to.. have to.. really have to try to listen her music and I bet you’re gonna love it at the first time you hear it. Okay, I think I already talked too much. Enjoy the songs from Fletcher in the Spotify below and tell us what do you think about Fletcher’s music. Thank you and enjoy the music. 🙂



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