Throw Back Thursday

Mirror Mirror by M2M

Back when I was a teenager, M2M was really a thing. The Norwegian pop-duo were consist of Marion Raven and Marit Larsen. They received success in early 2000’s, too bad the band decided to broke up in 2002. I loved to listen to their music because they wrote songs that relate with teenagers feelings–it wasn’t mainly about love, but also about friendship; besides, they weren’t only sing, but also played their instruments to created melodies that are easy to listen and sing to. No wonder they became one of the teenage stars that were quite known in my country, especially when their song Don’t Say You Love Me became one of the soundtracks for Pokemon the movie. While my brother got Pikachu doll, yes you read it right–my brother got a bag size Pikachu doll, I got M2M cassette, the Shades of Purple album, from my Dad.

Sure thing, I know by heart songs and lyrics from that album, but my favorite is Mirror Mirror. Because at that moment, as a teenager especially, it happened too often you said or act stupid then regret it a moment later and wish you can fix it. And, like I stated before, M2M songs were relate with teenagers feeling 🙂 If you grow up with their songs, or curious to listen what’s thing song about, kindly play the press button below 🙂



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