Currently Listening To

Just Wait A Minute from Myzica

Our currently listening for this week come from the new promising indie synth-pop duo band from Nashville, Myzica. As we already know, Nashville is one the best country music producer in United States, but Myzica brings the difference with the their new sound of music. Yupp! Micah Tawlks and Isaaca Byrd introduced their own music with upbeat and danceable melodies from electronic instruments, keyboard, awesome drums beat, and sometimes the sound of clapping hands or snapping fingers. Plus, Isaaca Byrdโ€™s voice is so great, smooth, and really nice to hear. I bet your ears will delighted when you listening their music combined with Byrdโ€™s voice.

Myzica already released an EP called Myzica EP (2015) and their debut album Love and Desire already released since the beginning of September 2016. I accidentally found their music at Spotify and I just straight falling in love with one of their song called Just Wait A Minute. This song is a slow beat song with very catchy and danceable melodies. It makes you want to do a slow dance. Definitely really worth to hear. Okay, for you who havenโ€™t heard their music yet, try to pleased your ears with their song called Just Wait A Minute and tell us your opinion. Thank you and enjoy the song!



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