Currently Listening To

Mountains (Love Won’t Burn My Heart) from Savoir Adore

Once again, Spotify already introduced me to another awesome music from another awesome band. This time, it comes from an electro-pop band from Brooklyn, New York City, Savoir Adore. Yupp! Paul Hammer, Lauren Zettler (vocals/keyboards), Alex Foote (guitars), Ben Marshall (drums), and Andrew Pertes (bass) already brought and introduced a different kind of music that really worth to hear. Savoir Adore just released their new album called The Love That Remains since August 2016.

I falling in love with their song called Mountains (Love Wonโ€™t Burn My Heart) since the first time I heard it through Spotify. This song is an upbeat song with awesome melody from electronic instruments combined with the sound of guitar and drums. Honestly, the chorus part definitely makes me so amazed. Honestly, I’m speechless to describe it, but Zettlerโ€™s voice definitely one the best thing Iโ€™ve ever heard and the simple melody at the chorus already made me stuck with this song for days.

Okay, enough from me. So, this is our currently listening for this week, Mountains (Love Wonโ€™t Burn My Heart) from Savoir Adore. I think you have.. have to listen to this song. Just press the play button on their Spotify below, enjoy the song, and tell us what do you think about their music. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚



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