Currently Listening To

Night Drive by Echae en Route

Raise your hand if you sense that you’ll like this song the moment you hear the finger picking strumming ukulele? I did, and I’ve been listening to this song for weeks.

Before we talk about the single, let’s introduce Echae en Route a bit. I found them through a Korean Drama. Yes, they are an indie band from Korea. Echae en Route consist of Echae Kang (vocal and violin) and Oh Kyung Kwon (Bass/Chorus). They already released an EP, called Madeline in April 2015. But Night Drive is their new single in 2016. The EP itself contains 5 songs, Get Into, A Song Between Us, Uneasy Romance (my favourite!), Run, and Madeline. 

I find Night Drive is enchanting; with a slow down tempo and violin solo in the middle of the song, plus Kang’s soothing voice, this is the kind of song that you want to listen while your mind wandering around. Also, I think the violin could be the thing that makes Echae en Route music sounds interesting. Here, press the play button and share with us what you thought about Night Drive 🙂



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