Currently Listening To

Saint Claude by Christine and the Queens

The Saint Claude from Christine and the Queens that I pick as my currently listening is the alternative version, which she performed at Spotify Session. I don’t know why, but I feel the alternative version got me better than the original version. Anyway, I think you gonna like this song since the first beat of the intro–it’s sure caught my attention. The way Christine sings the lyrics, with soulful voice and enchanting accent, and the slow down tempo–focusing on her voice, will make you listen the song thoroughly. The last part of the song, when she sings “We are so lonely” become a perfect closing, it makes you want to replay the song again and again. And that is probably why I couldn’t stop listening to this song.

Have you guys check her music? I haven’t thoroughly actually, aside from Tilted and Saint Claude. Maybe I have to start to listening her full album, Chaleur Humaine. Meanwhile, kindly press the play button bellow to listen to Saint Claude. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy it 🙂



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