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Vintage From High Dive Heart

I feel so shame that I just found this song around a year after it was released. So, I’m sure most of you already heard about High Dive Heart. Right! This awesome husband and wife, Jason Reeves and Danelle Leverett, definitely success to steal my eartention with their song called Vintage. This song actually already released since 2015, but I just found it through Spotify. Well, thanks to Spotify. And I also just realized, Jason Reeves is the person behind the success of so many songs. Yupp, he is the co-writer of some Colbie Caillat’s songs (Bubbly, Realize, and I Never Told You) and Lenka’s song (The Show).

I’m totally amazed when I heard Vintage and if you haven’t heard yet, I’m sure you will love it too. I think this song is unique. You can hear so many different sounds in this song. I try to guess it, but the music video finally answer my curiosity about all sounds that they used. Yupp, they used the sound of water spray, glass, camera, typewriter, and even trash can in this song. Don’t forget about the sound of snapping finger and banjo which makes this song so cheerful and rich of melody.

Okay, I think you have to listen to this song too. I bet this song will make you smile and want to jump. Enjoy the music and tell us what do you think about this song. Thank you. πŸ™‚



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