Album Review

Album Review: Chaleur Humaine by Christine and the Queens

My first encounter with Christine and the Queens’ music was her single, Tilted. At that time, I was thinking, hey, this is good. But not until I heard Saint Claude that I began curious about her debut album, Chaleur Humaine. So, yeah, forgive my tardiness because, even after months since the album released, I want to write the album review :’)

Christine and the Queens is a stage name of French singer, songwriter, Héloïse Letissier. Before releasing her studio album, Christine and the Queens already released some EPs, which are Miséricorde (2011 and self-released), Mac Abbey (2012), Nuit 17 à 52 (2013), Saint Claude (2015), and Intranquillité (2015). But then, it seems the English version of Chaleur Humaine is the trigger that bring Christine and the Queens name to the broader stage.

Chaleur Humaine, released last February in UK, consist of 12 synthpop songs. Maybe because originally the album was release in French version, there are lines in French language in every song. Though people consider her music in pop territory, she brings thoughtful issues in her songs. Her lyric could be bold, sharp, or poetic, but never cheesy. You’ll feel how personal and deep-thought is her music since the beginning of the album; In iT, she share her point of view about the lack of equality gender in this world.  In Saint Claude, TiltedParadis Perdus, she brings sadness into something that doesn’t always have a right to paralyzed you, you can also embrace it and deal with it. In this album, Letissier works with other musicians, which are Tunji Ige in No Harm Is Done and Perfume Genius in Jonathan. 

After hearing the full album you’ll realize that Christine and the Queens has something unique that differentiate her from other artist. I think it’s because, in every song, Letissier’s voice dance effortlessly with the tunes, whether it’s in pure electropop or with a slightly touch of hip hop and R&B. So, you’ll find that this album is so easy listening to. Powerful voice in upbeat songs, like in Narcissus Is BackSafe and Holy, and Here; and delicate one in slow down tempo songs, like in Paradis Perdus, Half Ladies, Jonathan, and Night 52. It’s a pleasure to just listen to the album.

Now, if you haven’t try to listen to this album, kindly press the play button and share with us your thought about Chaleur Humaine, enjoy!



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